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Welcome to Tatva Preschools 

Feature 1

Well Researched Curriculum

At Tatva, we aim to ensure that children are happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. We have designed our programs and curriculum around this philosophy.

Feature 2

Interactive Teaching Methodology

Our teachers & administrators work together to build a supportive and caring environment which ensures optimal brain development and better learning outcomes.

Feature 3

Safety, Security and Hygiene

Your child’s safety & security is our responsibility. We practice hygiene & safety routines, engage loving caregivers and provide safe & secure environment to your little ones.

Secondary idea

The Essence of TATVA

‌Everything around us is made up of five elements (Panch Tatva): Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), Space (Aakash), Earth (Prithvi) and Air (Vayu). Embracing our nature and understanding its law helps us to attain greater knowledge, well being and happiness in life.

Tatva Preschools — Connecting the little ones with our "ROOTS"

About Us
Our very existence comes into being with the perfect combination of Panchtatva. With Tatva Preschools, we bring this concept to schooling. We nurture children to become confident and responsible individuals with an understanding of nature and our traditional cultural values.